Jammed XDm9 5.25 Slide Part 2

SHOT Show attendance and an interest in 3-Gun lead to Jammed Handgun Slide

How could attending the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and an interest in participating in my first 3-Gun Match lead to the slide on my XDm9 5.25 jamming to the point that it would not move back far enough to rack a round into the chamber, or for the slide release lever to be rotated so the slide could be removed?

After spending some time with it at his work bench, Keith Wright was able to get the slide off, and discover what was causing the problem. More on that later, but first a little history.

While attending the last day of the SHOT Show I purchased a large range bag from a vendor. This range bag has many zippered compartments. I normally keep my handgun placed upside down in an unzipped rectangle gun pouch setting to the front of the range bag.

Shortly after the SHOT Show I decided to try Pete’s 2-Gun Skills & Drills Match. I was with Pete the Saturday before the Match helping him set-up. We did a little practice, and Pete educated me on how to know if my 223 ammo was steel core or not. Steel core rifle may not be used as it will damage the steel targets. You simply place a magnet next to the bullet, if it attaches it is steel.

I went home that day and found a small black round magnet on my refrigerator, and placed it into a small zippered compartment in the top flap of my new range bag.

So, apparently this is what happened. After dry practicing the morning of the match, I placed my XDm9 in its normal place, and closed the top flap, loaded the range bag into my truck, and headed to the range. Somewhere along the way the small black round magnet measuring 3/4 inch x 1/8 inch slid out of the upper compartment, dropped into the magazine well of the XDm9  and slid into the forward of two channels cast into the slide. When I tried to rack the side, the magnet came against a plastic block next to the ejector, preventing the slide from continuing back.

I now store my handgun magwell down in my gun pouch, and bring my back-up gun to matches just in case.


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