Practicing the way I carry concealed

I am ashamed to say, it has been quite a while since I have dry practiced the way I carry my concealed firearm. This means, my concealed carry firearm, holster, and usual clothing. My firearm is a XD9 sub compact, my holster a Holster Kings appendix universal holster, and my clothing a par of denim shorts, or khaki pants, a muscle shirt, and a t-shirt.

I got dressed like I was leaving the house, walked into my dry practice room (a spare bedroom). I checked that my firearm was unloaded, no round in the chamber or the mag, and no ammo anywhere in the room. I then began dry practicing, which included: presentation to a target, a dry press, down to the ready position, then after action drills. To ad some realism to my practice, I moved around during the entire drill. I also envisioned and practiced different scenarios

There was another situation in witch I felt I needed to practice; while sitting in my automobile. I decided to do this latter in the evening when it was dark outside, since I park my auto on the street. I arrived home from the supermarket just after dark and was ready to practice presenting from my concealed holster. But didn’t! I never underestimate the value of safety and proper dry practice procedures. I went into my home, unloaded my firearm (removing the mag and the round in the chamber) then double checked that it was unloaded. I then returned to my parked auto, and proceeded to dry practice.

It is a good thing I took the time to do this dry practice. I learned a few things about shirt grabbing, support hand position, firearm and body positioning. I wear a muscle shirt under my outer shirt for a layer between the firearm and my body. At first I was grabbing both shirts and was unable to expose the firearm. I learned to grab my outer shirt by placing my support hand directly on my firearm, grabbing a handful of shirt and pulling up. I could then access my firearm. It also took some figuring out as to what to do with my support hand. I decided placing it flat on my chest was the best option. I could then place the palm of my firing hand against my support hand to stabilize the firearm, and rotate my body for firing direction. I also leaned my body toward the passenger seat to distanced myself from a possible threat and allow for a wider view of the threat area.

NOTE: I do not recommend carrying a concealed firearm in the appendix position, especially while seated, unless you are well trained, practiced, and have very good finger control. That is, always keeping your finger off the trigger, even outside of the trigger guard, until you are pointed in and ready to shoot.

If the situation you hope never happens, does happen, be ready by dry practicing in every situation you may find yourself.


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