Monthly Archives: November 2012

My M&P 15-22 Just Quit On Me

I had a bad moment at a recent steel match hosted by “Las Vegas Steel”. Las Vegas Steel mixes regulation Steel Challenge stages with fun stages.   I was shooting my M&P 15-22 on a short but challenging fun stage. I started the stage seated with my rifle and all mags on a table. At the start signal I picked up and loaded my rifle, and fired freestyle (both hands), reloaded. Fired weak hand only, reloaded. Fired strong hand only… this is where it went bad. Continue reading


Are We Really Free?

On a mornings news program, I watched as a group of people were being sworn in as United States citizens. Lee Greenwood took the stage and sang his beautiful and inspiring song, “God Bless the USA”. As you may remember, the chorus goes, “and I’m glad to be an American, because at least I know I’m free”. Now certainly America is the freest nation of earth, but are we really free? Continue reading

My First USPSA Handgun Nationals

The 2012 USPSA Nationals were held at my local range, the Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club, in Las Vegas Nevada. After shooting USPSA for about a year, this was my first major match . I arrived at the range, parked and was getting my gear ready when I saw Jerry Mercelek parked a few cars away. I walk over a say hi, chatted for a few minutes, then went back to my auto to finish getting ready. Jerry passed me on his way to his first stage. A few minutes latter he passed by me again on his way back to his car. He told me, “don’t forget your score sheets”. What he meant was the stickers that include our shooter info. These stickers are placed on the score sheets at each stage. Continue reading