Are We Really Free?

On a mornings news program, I watched as a group of people were being sworn in as United States citizens. Lee Greenwood took the stage and sang his beautiful and inspiring song, “God Bless the USA”. As you may remember, the chorus goes, “and I’m glad to be an American, because at least I know I’m free”. Now certainly America is the freest nation of earth, but are we really free?

How about the school aged boy or girl who wants to express their Christian faith by wearing a faith based t-shirt, but is told they must take it off. Are they really free?

Or the business owner who wants to build the most successful business they can, but are overburdened with high taxes and regulation? Are they really free?

What about the citizen who wants to carry a concealed firearm to feel safe and protect themselves, but is refused that right by federal, state, and local government laws? Are they really free.

What about the millions of people who have been led to depend on the government for financial assistance such as welfare, subsidized housing, and food stamps? Those people who become trapped in the entitlement mentality, Are they really free?

There is no doubt that people living in America have greater freedom to live their lives then people living in most other countries. But with the increase of government intrusion into our lives, how free are we?


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