My M&P 15-22 Just Quit On Me

I had a bad moment at a recent steel match hosted by “Las Vegas Steel”. Las Vegas Steel mixes regulation Steel Challenge stages with fun stages.   I was shooting my M&P 15-22 on a short but challenging fun stage. I started the stage seated with my rifle and all mags on a table. At the start signal I picked up and loaded my rifle, and fired freestyle (both hands), reloaded. Fired weak hand only, reloaded. Fired strong hand only… this is where it went bad.

When I started I could not see the targets, because I am not able to close my left eye by itself. I solved this by cupping my left hand over my left eye. Now I could see. But then my rifle would not fire. I pressed the trigger, nothing. I mean nothing. No slack, no click, nothing. Just a solid trigger, with no movement. I racked out a round, again nothing. Racked out another round, nothing. I was finished.

I stepped away from the firing line bewildered. I had no idea what had happened. I thought maybe the ammo was bad. I emptied my mags, and loaded other ammo I new was good. I tried firing it again on the next stage, with the same result. It would not fire. I figured I would have to find someone to look at it, and find out what was wrong. Another shooter asked to take a look at it. Upon close inspection, he discovered a casing stuck  down in the gun not allowing the trigger mechanism to move. See photo. He removed the casing. I attempted to shoot the current stage again. The rifle fired, and worked okay for the rest of the match.

M&P 15-22

M&P 15-22 with a casing jamming the trigger mechanism.

If ever your M&P 15-22 won’t fire, and you experience a solid trigger with, try opening the action and looking under the trigger mechanism for a stuck casing. It just might be your problem.


One thought on “My M&P 15-22 Just Quit On Me

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