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Practicing the way I carry concealed

I am ashamed to say, it has been quite a while since I have dry practiced the way I carry my concealed firearm. This means, my concealed carry firearm, holster, and usual clothing. My firearm is a XD9 sub compact, my holster a Holster Kings appendix universal holster, and my clothing a par of denim shorts, or khaki pants, a muscle shirt, and a t-shirt. Continue reading


Is a Flashlight Part of Your Tactical Gear?

Next to your firearm, and related gear like: belts, holsters; magazines pouches; and extra magazines, a flashlight may can be a very useful, and perhaps even necessary accessory. Those of you who carry a concealed handgun for personal protection, know that you are most likely to encounter an attack at night where the attacker can operate under the cover of darkness. A flashlight may, or may not, be deploy-able depending on the nature of the attack. But, how many of you carry a flashlight as part of your concealed carry equipment? Continue reading

Finding Ammo for an AK-47

I had planned on attending a 2 Day Practical Rifle course at Front Sight , but ran into an unexpected challenge. As I mentioned in my previous post, I purchased an AK-47, and was planning on taking a course to learn how to handle, sight in, and shoot it properly. The rifle course uses steel along with paper targets, and Front Sight requires that only non-steel core ammo be used. Steel core ammo can damage the steel targets. I didn’t think finding non-steel core 762×39 ammo, at a reasonable price, would be a problem. I was wrong. Continue reading

Two New Residents for the Gun Safe

I took a drive out to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to visit the pro shop. It’s a 50 mile drive for me, and an okay drive at that. I was not alone when I arrived. There were quite a number of people training. I took a drive around the facility and counted 14 ranges with what looked to be 20 to 40 students each. Continue reading