Is a Flashlight Part of Your Tactical Gear?

Next to your firearm, and related gear like: belts, holsters; magazines pouches; and extra magazines, a flashlight may can be a very useful, and perhaps even necessary accessory. Those of you who carry a concealed handgun for personal protection, know that you are most likely to encounter an attack at night where the attacker can operate under the cover of darkness. A flashlight may, or may not, be deploy-able depending on the nature of the attack. But, how many of you carry a flashlight as part of your concealed carry equipment? Continue reading


First Carbine Match w/M&P 15-22

I took my new Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 out to American Shooters for their forth Tuesday of the month indoor Carbine match. This was the second time I’ve shot my 15-22, and the first time shooting a Carbine match. Needless to say my times weren’t very fast, and all my rounds didn’t find their target. But, I had fun just the same, and that’s really what it’s all about. Continue reading