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Jammed XDm9 5.25 Slide Part 2

SHOT Show attendance and an interest in 3-Gun lead to Jammed Handgun Slide

How could attending the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and an interest in participating in my first 3-Gun Match lead to the slide on my XDm9 5.25 jamming to the point that it would not move back far enough to rack a round into the chamber, or for the slide release lever to be rotated so the slide could be removed? Continue reading


Jammed XDm9 5.25 Slide Part 1

The Handgun Match I almost didn’t get to shoot, and a valuable lesson learned.

I learned a valuable lesson at a local USPSA Handgun match. I almost was unable to shoot the match because of a bizarre situation, but the community of shooters came through. I did shoot, and experienced another enjoyable match. Continue reading